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IPMB at ETHcc: Engaging with the Real World Assets Ecosystem

IPMB at ETHcc: Engaging with the Real World Assets Ecosystem

July 5, 2024
July 5, 2024

IPMB is thrilled to announce our participation in ETHcc (Ethereum Community Conference) in Brussels this year. 

IPMB will focus on attending and engaging in side events dedicated to Real World Assets (RWA), a growing area of interest within the blockchain and DeFi space.

ETHcc, one of the largest Ethereum-focused conferences globally, brings together developers, researchers, and enthusiasts from across the space.

With a comprehensive agenda that includes keynotes, workshops, and networking opportunities, ETHcc is an ideal platform for IPMB to connect with industry leaders and innovators.

IPMB’s Engagement with RWA Side Events

RWA side events provide a platform for discussions on the latest trends, challenges, and opportunities in the RWA space. By engaging with thought leaders and industry experts, we aim to gain insights and forge partnerships that will aid the adoption and growth of RWAs.

Key Topics of Interest

At the RWA side events, IPMB will focus on several key topics:

  1. Tokenization of Assets: Exploring the processes and technologies involved in converting physical assets into digital tokens.
  2. Regulatory Landscape: Understanding the regulatory challenges and opportunities in the RWA space.
  3. Market Opportunities: Identifying sectors and assets that are prime candidates for tokenization.
  4. Security and Compliance: Ensuring that tokenized assets meet the highest security and regulatory compliance standards.
  5. Innovation in DeFi: Discuss how RWAs can integrate with existing DeFi protocols to create new financial products and services.

Networking and Collaboration

We look forward to connecting with developers, entrepreneurs, and investors who share our vision of integrating real-world assets with blockchain technology.  By building these relationships, we aim to accelerate the development and adoption of our solutions.

IPMB is committed to driving innovation and creating value for our stakeholders by engaging with the community and focusing on Real World Assets. We are excited about the future and look forward to sharing our experiences and insights from ETHcc with our community.

About IPMB

The IPMB Ecosystem offers direct access to physical gold, allowing exposure to the stability of gold and the speed and security of the blockchain through a dual-token model.

Through this innovation, IPMB is striving to change the gold industry forever.

The IPMB mission is to provide the world access to unlimited economic freedom and opportunity, giving choice and control to accelerate a global transition to a low-cost, unified and transparent global currency.

‘From the mine to the vault, and in the cloud’, IPMB manages and operates physical gold production, sourcing, beneficiating, exporting, refining, stamping and vaulting of gold.

The IPMB Ecosystem is at the heart of the IPM Group, a group of companies spanning three continents and five countries.