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How to use our Fiat On-Ramp

How to use our Fiat On-Ramp

March 28, 2024
March 28, 2024

IPMB is thrilled to launch our fiat on-ramp.  This video and article explain step-by-step how to use it. 

Step 1 – Once on the IPMB website, click “Buy IPMB” at the top of the page

Step 2 – Enter the amount you would like to purchase in either United States Dollars or IPMB Tokens.  Then click continue.

Step 3 – Enter the Polygon network wallet address of your crypto wallet (For example, Metamask,, Trust Wallet).  You may find it easier to copy and paste the wallet address as seen on the video and click continue.  Please note this IS NOT the contract address of the token.  This is the public address of your own crypto wallet.

Step 4 – Now, you will need to enter your mobile phone number.  Select the nation your phone is registered with, then enter the phone number and click continue.

Step 5 – You will then be sent a one-time verification code.  Enter this code on the screen, and be quick, as it will only be valid for 5 minutes. 

Step 6 – The next screen will ask you to enter your long card number, expiration date and your address. 

Step 7 – After this, you will need to enter your full name – as written on your ID – followed by your date of birth and email address

Step 8 – Once completed, we will review your details in order to verify your identity. This may take some time.  For purchases over $1000, you may need to submit further documentation.

Step 9 – Once your profile has been created and verified, you will lastly be asked to provide your CVC number from your payment card in order to complete the payment process.

Step 10 – The transaction will now be started, the screen will change and give you some information about your transaction, including the status.  To begin with, the status will read pending and once completed, it will change to ‘finished’.

Step 11 – Your IPMB Tokens should now be in your crypto wallet.  If you can’t see them, you may need to ‘import’ the token details into the wallet.  In some instances you should be able to search for IPMB as seen in the video.  However, you may need to sometimes manually add the token by entering the IPMB Token contract address.


If you have any difficulties purchasing IPMB Tokens on our fiat on-ramp, feel free to contact us via the form at the bottom of our home page.  Alternatively, reach out to us on social media.