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March 4, 2024
March 4, 2024


Experience the future of gold trading and ownership with GeM NFTs (Globally exchanged Metals).  GeM NFTs are highly secure digital certificates of physical investment-grade gold.  They are a stablecoin product that offers the most accessible and affordable method to own responsibly sourced 24-carat gold.

GeM NFTs solve the problems associated with modern-day gold ownership.  Gold is bulky and faces logistical challenges when transported, gold is primarily institutionalised, bears many fees when trading and storing and faces the unique obstacle of guaranteeing and verifying quality.

IPMB waives all of the fees associated with gold ownership, such as storage, insurance and management.  GeMs are also highly liquid as they can be converted to fiat, IPMB Tokens or other cryptocurrencies at any time, and also offer access to gold for those without substantial funds behind them as GeM NFTs can be minted to represent just 1 gram of investment-grade gold. 

GeM NFTs are minted in quantified amounts of allocated gold.  For example, a GeM100 represents 100 grams of investment-grade gold. 

A Distinct Edge: What Makes GeM Stand Out?

Many people will quickly point out the figures shown in many articles towards the end of 2023. 

95% of all NFTs are now worthless.

The difference with GeM is plain and simple: unlike most NFTs, GeMs are uniquely backed by allocated physical gold, offering owners the option to request delivery of the gold they own via GeM.  This difference gives GeM NFTs a real-world value, thus standing resilient against the fluctuating digital market.

GeM NFT holders can redeem the underlying gold behind their GeM NFT 12 months after the minting date.  They may also be eligible for loyalty rewards at the discretion of IPMB.

GeM NFT holders have full assurance that their gold is safe.  All gold reserves are audited regularly by highly reputable third-party firm Grant Thornton.  All of our audit reports are viewable on our website.

Benefits of GeM NFTs

Discount on Physical Gold: GeM NFTs can be purchased at a discounted price by staking IPMB Tokens.  IPMB Tokens offer a discount of up to 11% on GeM NFTs – essentially an 11% discount on physical gold.

Fee Waivers: GeM NFT holders are exempt from multiple fees associated with modern-day gold ownership, including storage, management and insurance, significantly decreasing costs for those looking to store and trade gold.

Inclusivity: GeM NFTs provide a level playing field in the gold industry.  Whether you’re an individual, investment fund or even a government body, you’re subject to the same conditions within our ecosystem.  

Liquidity: GeM NFTs offer liquidity for gold not available elsewhere in modern-day gold ownership.  GeMs can be sold on the open market or converted into fiat, IPMB Tokens or various cryptocurrencies at any moment.  The gold behind a GeM100 or more can be redeemed at any point 12 months from the minting date.

Tangible Ownership: Unlike conventional NFTs, GeMs offer physical ownership, allowing investors to request the delivery of their gold if they wish to take it off the blockchain.


GeM NFTs embody the transformative potential of blockchain technology and the power of the tokenization of Real World Assets (RWAs).  By coupling the traditional asset value of gold with modern blockchain technology, GeMs present a robust and resilient gold ownership option.  Explore the rewarding possibilities and innovation that GeM NFTs bring to the global financial sector.

About IPMB

The IPMB Ecosystem offers direct access to physical gold, allowing exposure to the stability of gold and the speed and security of the blockchain through a dual-token model.  Through this innovation, IPMB is striving to change the gold industry forever.

IPMB’s mission is to provide the world access to unlimited economic freedom and opportunity, giving choice and control to accelerate a global transition to a low-cost, unified and transparent global currency.

‘From the mine to the vault, and in the cloud’, IPMB manages and operates physical gold production, sourcing, beneficiating, exporting, refining, stamping and vaulting of gold.

The IPMB Ecosystem is at the heart of the IPM Group, a group of companies spanning three continents and five countries.