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IPMB 101

IPMB 101

October 23, 2023
October 23, 2023

Introduction to the IPMB Ecosystem

The IPMB Ecosystem vertically integrates the entire gold production supply chain onto the blockchain.  We are the only truly vertical token operation in the world.  Creating a unique gold ownership solution that offers the most affordable and traceable gold in the world.

The IPMB Ecosystem is centred around a dual-token model consisting of our hybrid payment/utility token IPMB, and GeM NFTs

IPMB Tokens are backed by gold, however the price floats and is not tied to the price of gold.  This is because IPMB Tokens offer other benefits, such as discounts at shops and online stores but primarily a discount on physical gold.  Holding IPMB Tokens also allows you entire exclusive events such as raffles, where you can win physical gold bars and coins as prizes.

GeM NFTs are digital certificates that prove you own a specific amount of real gold.  Each NFT will contain all data related to the actual gold your NFT represents, including a unique serial number, information about its origin, and its journey from the mine to the vault.  The gold behind GeM NFTs can be redeemed at any point after 12-month from the NFTs creation.

The gold is allocated directly to your GeM NFT and is the underlying asset.  You are the owner.  The gold is kept safely for you and insured in secure vaults free of charge.  You do not carry any of the usual insurance, security and management fee costs.  We cover all of these costs on your behalf. 

GeMs offer a more convenient method of holding gold as the price is pegged to the price of gold.  By holding GeM NFTs, you may also receive annual loyalty rewards.

GeM NFTs are backed by and pegged to 24-carat gold.  They are digital certificates that prove you own 24-carat gold.

Each GeM NFT represents a specific amount of gold.  For example, a GeM100 represents 100 grams of 24-carat investment-grade gold.

This allows you to own gold online, stored on your behalf in our vaults, free of charge.

Understanding the Discounts (Staking)

The discount on gold is rewarded through a process known as staking.  Staking is essentially holding and “locking up” digital tokens for a given amount of time to help the network operate smoothly.  It is similar to keeping your money in a bank and receiving interest on a fixed/limited access savings account.

With staking, you can lock up your IPMB Tokens to unlock a discount on real gold.

Where to Find and Keep IPMB Tokens

The quickest and easiest way to purchase IPMB Tokens is on the IPMB website by using our new fiat on-ramp.  IPMB Tokens can also be bought on select cryptocurrency exchanges like MEXC, IPMB Tokens will be available on more exchanges throughout the year.

IPMB Tokens can be stored on the exchange you used to purchase them (like MEXC) but can also be stored on crypto wallet apps such as MetaMask or Trust Wallet.  However the easiest place to store IPMB Tokens and the only place to access staking is on our own wallet app, the IPMB Wallet

The IPMB Wallet makes buying, selling and storing IPMB Tokens & GeM NFTs seamless and easy for all. 

Safety and Care in IPMB’s Approach

With all the scare stories around crypto, IPMB has made it our mission to ensure everything we do is fully compliant as required by local and international law.  All our gold is from approved sources following and certified by LBMA (London Bullion Market Association) refiners who also follow regulations of the OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development) to ensure the highest quality in production.  More importantly, we guarantee the best possible conditions for the communities surrounding the mines we collaborate with to produce our gold as we work in partnership with them.

Meet the Team Behind IPMB

The IPMB journey started with John Vakis, later bringing on Mihai Albu, Scott Pagel and George Agathangelou.

John holds 25 years of experience working with multinational banks trading gold.  After leaving his banking position, John started his ventures, establishing compliant operations in various countries, including Peru, Ghana, Zambia, and Mongolia. He now has over 25 years of physical gold experience across the value chain.

Mihai has over 22 years of entrepreneurial experience.  He started his career with close protection security and quickly progressed to advising governments/corporations on international security and cyber solutions.  Mihai has developed a formidable network of individuals and entities worldwide during his career.

Scott is a highly accomplished professional in the finance industry.  Scott began his career at Goldman Sachs Asset Management in New York. He later transferred to their London office as a research analyst covering technology securities.  Scott’s investment in hedge fund management included the start-up and management of two successful European equity hedge funds with over $1 billion in assets.  His expertise and experience in investment management, particularly in European equities and hedge funds, have been instrumental in his successful career.

George Agathangelou has over 16 years experience working in web3 and financial markets and served most of his career as an executive for Cyprus Investment Firms and is a holder of CySEC professional competence certificate.  His experience across the board will prove invaluable as the IPMB Ecosystem grows.

Behind the founders is a talented team of professionals and external companies, all fusing their talents to deliver the most complete revolutionary project possible.

About IPMB

The IPMB Ecosystem offers direct access to physical gold, allowing exposure to the stability of gold and the speed and security of the blockchain through a dual-token model.  Through this innovation, IPMB is striving to change the gold industry forever.

IPMB’s mission is to provide the world access to unlimited economic freedom and opportunity, giving choice and control to accelerate a global transition to a low-cost, unified and transparent global currency.

‘From the mine to the vault, and in the cloud’, IPMB manages and operates physical gold production, sourcing, beneficiating, exporting, refining, stamping and vaulting of gold.

The IPMB Ecosystem is at the heart of the IPM Group, a group of companies spanning three continents and five countries.